AI War: Fleet Command

Genre: RTS, Strategy, 4X, Co-op

Original Release: June 2, 2009

Developer: Arcen Games

Platform(s): Windows, Linux, macOS

Played on: Steam (Windows)

They weren’t lying when they said there were a ton of settings. My head is still swimming.

Disclaimer: Strategy is not really my thing, so take any criticisms or complaints I have with a grain of salt.

Another game that I don’t remember acquiring, another game to review. And I’ll be honest? It’s not my cup of tea, but not because I don’t like it. For what it’s worth, there’s a ridiculous amount of polish from what I saw, but I just couldn’t get into it.

I’ve only got about two hours logged on this game over the past couple of days, but I did get through the tutorials up to the simulated campaign (so the last tutorial) and it was neat, but there’s so much to take in and I’m a slow reader, so I did a lot of sitting there and staring at the tutorial box.

I do like the ship design, but I couldn’t figure out whether or not there was a way to expand the message window.

The basic premise of the game, as far as I can tell, is that humanity is on the ropes after a war with the machines, and this is a last-ditch effort to stop them once and for all. You create ships and drones, send them through wormholes, and take down the AI, one planet at a time.

At least that’s how it went for me through the tutorials. I can’t honestly tell you too much beyond that because I didn’t feel engaged. Again, that’s just me and I can understand if you like it or get drawn in.

So overall? Might be up your alley, but it’s not mine. I’m not going to give it a recommendation or advise against picking it up, mainly because I honestly don’t know enough about it to form a proper opinion. However, should this title intrigue you, AI War 2 hit early access on Steam on October 15 of 2018.

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