The Jazzy in his natural environment.

Hey there! You guys can call me Jazzy. I’ve been gaming for about 24 years at time of writing and of late I’ve become something of an avid collector of games that span the spectrum of quality. Whether it’s good, bad, or just weird, chances are I might have something you’re familiar with. So in an effort to actually play through my library and maybe familiarize myself with the games and their history, I started this blog and I hope you’ll find something to your liking!

If you’d like to take a moment to appreciate the scope of this project, I encourage you to check out my Backloggery. And if you want to hang out while I play the games, I stream my efforts every Friday over on Twitch. Come on by if you want!

What People Say

Skeletons don’t have eyes, Jazzy.


Fwah! So many!


I’m sorry.

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