How This Blog Is Going To Work

A brief explanation of how this is probably going to get very long-winded over time.

As this is a sort of gaming review blog (not professional by any stretch of the imagination), I feel it’s only fair to have some sort of explanation pinned to the top for newcomers.

So, every Friday I’ll be streaming a game from somewhere in my backlog. I planned to keep this to Steam, but when I was moving my shelves over to make space for a bigger bed, I realized that it might be better to explore all of the games in my library. As such, each post will begin with the title of the game, a screenshot or video of the game, the original release date and platform, and the platform the game is being played on. From there it’s pretty standard stuff. I’ll discuss my thoughts on the gameplay and, in some cases, how it’s aged over the years. If any glitches happen, I’ll try to document what happened and how it was executed in order to facilitate speedrunners’ glitch-hunting efforts.

That’s about it, really. I’m not much of a score guy, nor do I pretend to be a professional journalist, but I know what I like. I hope you’ll have some fun reading through these escapades over however long it takes. Enjoy!

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